Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

If you are here, you clearly have a Star Wars fan in your house! And you must need some ideas for organising a Star Wars themed birthday party. With this guide, you can master it all – may the Force be with you!


t-25 I decided a while ago that Raoul’s 8th birthday party was going to be Star Wars themed. He doesn’t get why I’m so enthusiastic and he doesn’t get why I’m saying Star Wars. I explain to him that the film was released in the same year that I was born. I think he’s starting to want to changing the theme.

t-21 We watch the entire saga in one weekend. Kylo Ren has replaced Darth Vader. It’s time to give out the invitations, pronto. If you’re feeling crafty, try your hand at these super impressive home made ones too!

t-17 It’s time to think of things to occupy the children… I really can’t be bothered being the pompom girl Jedi during the party (this has nothing to do with the release date of the first film). I want to find a DIY activity that will take up as much time as possible, so that the children leave me alone for are occupied for at least 45 minutes. The internet is full of different ideas, so I’m going to make some improvements to one or two. In reality, I change them so much so that I can claim that they were my ideas: an R2D2 costume. I’m a genius!!

t-15 I need to buy all of the materials for the workshop. If I order them online now, I should be fine.

t-10 I should really order everything I need now. It would be so simple to receive 10 enormous rolls of paper and 6 polystyrene spheres in the post. I’m doing it so far in advance that I feel as relaxed as when Luke mastered the force.

t-7 I also need to sort out the decorations. Dorothée makes all the mistakes before me, so I end up with an advantage: you just need to simplify things. At the same time every year, she begins again, and every year I tell myself that she will serve me as a counter-example. Everything in life must be simple, so the decorations should take me 45 minutes max: 2 packs of balloons + an inflatable BB-8 + paper bags with light saber bracelets + black foil curtain. And of course sweets. That’s good. Not too much, not too little. I am proud that I have been sensible. It’s my main quality: being sensible. I feel the spirit of Yoda coming down on me.

t-3 Why didn’t I order anything?! It’s only three days until the dreaded party!! 10 children will be here on Sunday… Why did I plan it for a Sunday?! It’s a bit like a Saturday evening – it’s out of the question. What a lack of manners…

t-3 Don’t panic. Yoda whispers in my ear: there are no problems, only solutions. I make the order on the site, and I have to choose for it to come by TNT. It’s my own website, that’s so annoying.

t-2 I receive my order. I realise that I have forgotten the helium. At this point, neither TNT nor Luke could get the helium canister in time, Angers is too far (I’ll take this opportunity to point out that our stock is based in Angers!).

t-2 Yoda whispers again in my ear: Gabriella, there are no problems, only solutions. Tomorrow I’ll take a trip to ‘Grande Récré’ for the helium. It goes without saying that, for some strange reason, I never made my order online. At least I thought a lot about it, though. ‘Grande Récré’ and ‘Rougier et Plé’ it is then. It’ll be nice to take a drive around Paris.

t-1 The drive around Paris is going to be quite nice since I have just remembered that I need to drop into the office to print out an essential part of the workshop. I’m going to make three stops in Paris on a Saturday afternoon, between le Marais and the 9th arrondissement. I’m going to listen to my music and have a calm moment to myself. Oh, no… My car is from 2006, and I don’t have bluetooth. Yoda whispers in my ear yet again, and I listen to FIP. At least having a party on a Sunday allows you to have your Saturday to yourself.

t-1  At Rougier et Plé, in le Marais, there are only 3 polystyrene spheres left. No, that’s not a joke, I’m being serious!! I’m going to have to make a 4th stop in the 6th arrondissement. It’s okay, I have strength, it isn’t that far. Any further and I will show you the whole route of my drive.

t-1  Oops, I need to buy sweets, flour, eggs, and chocolate. I try to remain rational and positive: I love my son so much that I’m ready to smile through this bad mood. Anyway, I mustn’t look too much. I still need to make the cake.

t-1  Why is my brain not working? Ah yes, it’s genetic. No, no, I can play the mental overload card, and I think back to the Star Wars release date – it’s too early for senile dementia.

t-1  I forgot to buy the sweets. I forgot to buy the drinks. This time it’s I am your father who goes back out. Yes because, although it may not seem like it, my son actually does have a dad!

t-1  Luckily, I have planned simple decor, so I can do that in the morning. I promise I’m not procrastinating here, it’s because helium has a short lifespan!

Download the forward planning


9:00am – I open my eyes.

9:50am – I open my eyes, again.

10:30am – Maybe I should actually get up…

11:00am – Oh no, I’m late!! Yoda whispers in my ear: It’s fine, you have everything planned out. In 45 minutes, it will all be done. Yoda is right, but I hurry up anyway.

11:30am – I am your father got up a good while ago, has made the children’s breakfast, and is now in the middle of inflating the balloonsI am your father is definitely something. In fact, he is amazing!

12:00pm – I am your father is now playing with a light saber with the young Padawan. Yoda whispers to me to keep calm. I still have three hours.

1:00pm – Everything is ready, and we even have time to cut out the printouts (R2D2/Darth Vador/C3PO) to stick to the cups. Perfect, an activity that will occupy us so that we don’t take a nap. I have genius ideas and an iron will. Raoul is up for it: he’s so cute. Even though it’s his birthday, if he wants R2D2 and C-3PO on the table, he’s ready to pull his weight and help out.

1:00pm – I plant myself down. The children are ungrateful. I am left alone to cut and stick.

2:00pm – We have a ready meal for lunch and then start to get dressed. Margot picks out a white dress and I put her hair in buns: the perfect Princess Leia! Raul still has a Ben Solo costume from Christmas: that’ll work. And me… I’m supposed to be the life of the party. What can I wear to look the part? Oops…

2:30pm – Oops… Right… Black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a Darth Vador mask. It’s OK, all of a sudden… I am your father.

3:03pm – Everyone is here. 3 girls and 7 boys. All 8 years old. The atmosphere is energetic, so I call on Yoda for help.

3:04pm – Yoda reminds me to follow the instructions in the 8-year-old game booklet. What a good idea! It appears that I thought up the concept, and then Dorothée wrote it. That was 7 years ago. I clarify that I just have a lot on my mind, and not senile dementia. Yoda interrupts my reminiscing, and I open the booklet on my smartphone (a useful feature of this blog!!).

3:05pm – Children! Today we are in the middle of Star Wars! What’s Star Wars, you ask? The first film of the saga was released in 1977! Do you know what that means? That means that I’m going to be 40 years old! As I said it in GO mode, they are happy, despite looking a little bit lost. I redeem myself by starting a philosophical conversation about The Force and The Dark Side. That goes a little better, and lasts for at least 10 minutes – they all have different interpretations on the role of Jabba the Hut. Strangely, Leia’s bikini doesn’t make them hot, nor cold.

3:15pm  I live by the rule of changing games at a very fast pace. First game: the talking portrait. There are obviously only some scenes of the saga that must be played out. I take pleasure in playing Padmé and Anakin. Then Leia and Hans Solo. It must be my romantic side coming out.

3:22pm  The aerobics session is going to be a Jedi training session. We really do aerobics: press ups, squats, high knees, air-light-sabers… I amaze everyone, as I have more resistance than them. They take me for Yoda – except taller, and less green.

3:32pm – My favourite characters: I quickly check the internet for Star Wars characters that aren’t the really obvious ones. Mace Windu, perfect.

3:37pm  They’re really annoyed, they don’t know who Mace Windu is!! I let Raul have a turn, and he picks Chewbacca, so that’ll give them a chance.

3:45pm  I skip pass the parcel, as I’m clearly not prepared enough!

3:46pm – Get into two teams, the Jedi and the Sith. Of course, the Sith are cool too, don’t worry. They’re bad guys in the films, but they’re nice in real life!

3:52pm – Time for challenges! The questions on the planets still go with the theme. For the rest, thank goodness for smartphones and search engines (naming none in particular):

– Which planet did Luke grow up on? (Tatooine)

– How many suns does it have? (2)

– What was Darth Vader called before he was called Darth Vader? (Anakin Skywalker)

– Padmé is the Queen of which planet? (Naboo)

– What do you call the inhabitants of the forest moon of Endor? (The Ewoks)

– Who was The Emperor before being The Emperor? (Senator Palpatine)

There are extensive Wikipedia pages on each character. I thought that I was a dedicated groupie, but it seems that I’m only one tiny player.

4:02pm – The choreography is going to become a light saber fight. I may be a bit disorganised but I do know how to improvise! Let’s make a circle and put two Jedis in the middle, one from each team, and then keep rotating. I do the first battle with my son to show that they must not whack eachother a little example. I do slow, choreographed, sweeping movements, so that they will do the same. It’ll all be okay.

4:20pm – A series of skill games in teams. I have spoons, sweets and oranges. The Sith and the Jedi must be very skilled to master the force. They’e giving their all – it’s great.

4:40pm – It’s snacktime. Instead of making a little train, let’s do a Stormtrooper parade. Everyone walk at the same time. Lift your knees and your arms high. It’s actually pretty amazing how well it works!

4:45pm  I can’t talk any longer, so I leave them to scream talk to eachother while I serve them drinks and pass them sweets.

4:52pm  The cake!! I can still sing, so we all sing together. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… He is a little bit embarrassed, though.

5:02pm – It’s time to do a fun DIY workshop: you’re going to make your very own R2D2 costume! I hand out the materials, and give a brief explanation: you need to cut out each of the shapes, then stick them down carefully. Make sure to take your time so that it’s perfect!

5:12pm  No, I can’t staple your costume like that, you haven’t cut out enough yet, Rafael. Have another go.

5:22pm  Ok, I can start to staple your costumes together. I’m impressed – they’re super cool. This really was a genius idea! Suddenly, the 4 hours that I spent in traffic seems to be all worth it!

5:28pm – It’s time for a photoshoot with sound effects. Everyone tries to imitate R2D2. It’s very cute, and I’m excited all of a sudden. Let’s take a group photo – isn’t it just great?!

5:33pm – Let’s put the costumes to the side (remembering to write the children’s names on them). I take out the booklet again, and decide to skip the blind test. We do some relays instead.

5:44pm  They’re getting even more energetic – so, let’s dance! I put on the most popular children’s songs, and they’re so excited. I don’t always enjoy Justin Bieber, but I love Despacito. I know all the words off by heart. Check out our super cool playlists for help with this part (available on Spotify or Deezer!)

5:55pm – Let’s open the presents!! I’m no longer in control: they’re so, so excited. The presents are open within 2 minutes. I am your father is there and is in the middle of clearing up all of the wrapping paper. I look at him with loving eyes.

6:00pm – The parents arrive, and each of them look at the children’s costumes half impressed (oh yeah), and half annoyed (they’re going to have to lug this giant thing down the street… If I was in their shoes, I would have cursed already). The children are super happy, though! So am I – I’m exhausted, but very proud.


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