Spider Cookies

Spider Cookies


Following on with the Halloween recipes, after the fish eyes, we have spider cookies ! A little less appetizing, though… For the arachnophobes, it might be a little complicated ! Once again, they’re super tasty, and they might even be too cute to eat !


    • Cookies (shop bought or homemade, your choice !)
    • Chocolate treats (like Maltesers)
    • 1/4 of a bar of chocolate
    • Eye-shaped toppers, that can be found here
    • A piping bag or a freezer bag
    • Food glue, on sale here

1. Melt your chocolate, it will serve as food glue.

2. Dip a chocolate treat into the melted chocolate and “stick” it in the center of your cookie.

3. Put a bit of melted chocolate in a piping bag, and draw out the spiders legs. A little trick! If you don’t have a piping bag (like us in the office…), you can use a freezer bag and cut a little bit off the corner – It works just as well.

4. Stick down your eye-shaped toppers with a bit of food glue to make the face of your spider!

And there you go!


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