Island Snakes and Ladders

Island Snakes and Ladders

le jeu de l'oie façon koh lanta

Island Life

Since the middle of March, it feels like we are all living on an island in the middle of the ocean! Every day a new challenge, everyday we think we are going to crack, and everyday we are glad to have made it to the end! We want to escape, but at the same time we have the satisfaction of having made it through all of the challenges each day brings! Sometimes we are glad to have our team (family) around us, and other days they feel like our competitors and we want to be alone!

Normally, with a bit of getting used to the situation, our frustrations reach a plateau. I think we will have to wait for the end of confinement to know whether that’s true!

One way to get rid of this frustration and to simply inject a bit of fun into our lives, is to play our snakes and ladders game! This is not just an ordinary snakes and ladders game, an island-themed snakes and ladders game!

Of course, to create this game, we gave it our all. We have devised different challenges that would even impress Bear Grylls. This is all mixed with the rules of snakes and ladders (you didn’t think it could get more complex, more tortuous, did you?!).

So it’s snakes and ladders + island-themed challenges (think I’m a Celebrity mixed with The Island) = the ultimate game ! It should stimulate your sadistic side (we know it stimulated ours) and motivate your little ones into some competitive fun!

Here are all the rules and the list of items you will need!

le jeu de l'oie koh lanta

In short, get ready to have a big laugh (we know this because we obviously had to test the challenges ourselves! We aren’t weak!). Just to let you know, you can play this game with your family or also at a distance with your friends!

This game is ideal during this time of confinement because it can go on for as long as Jumanji – it can take up an entire weekend if needs be! It is also perfect for when we return to real life for an island-themed birthday party!

First you need to

  • print out the board
  • print out the game play cards
  • print out some counters
  • print out the rules of the game
  • prepare the necessary material for each challenge
  • get out the dice
  • get warmed up (this is not going to be a stroll in the park!)
  • make a little video announcing a bit about each competitor (for example, Sam, 16, student) to create the feeling of going on a TV show!


les printables gratuits du jeu koh lanta
les plateau de jeu à télécharger
les cartes à imprimer
les pions du jeu

Trapped on an island in the middle of the ocean? You will need strategy, fishing gear, immunity, food, comfort and speed! Another keyword is: paradise. Since we don’t have access to paradise islands at this time, we have to think of our own homes as paradise! Off we go!

You can either play one against another or in teams, may the best man win! At the end, there will only be one of you left!


Bear Grylls, Ant and Dec


Between 2 and 12 players, from 6 to 106 years old.

The youngest player starts, then game play is in a clockwise direction. The first player rolls the dice and moves his piece forward the amount of spaces indicated.

The space they land on indicates whether they will take a card or do a challenge! To win the game you must land on space 54.

Kekeyake: space 1, the first space (everyone goes past it): come up with a team name or a name for yourself!

Duel Easy: choose a duel easy card. The other players choose a ball (without looking) and whoever chooses the white ball will be your competitor. Whoever wins the duel moves forward a space, and whoever loses moves back a space.

Duel Hard: choose a duel hard card. The other players pick a ball (without looking) and whoever chooses the white ball will be your competitor. Whoever wins the duel moves forward three spaces, and whoever loses moves back three spaces.

Comfort: pick a comfort card; there is a win or lose

Immunity: if you land on this space, you win an immunity. You can choose to use it whenever you want (only once), for example you can play it if you lose so you don’t have to move back a space

Anti-tiredness: pick an anti-tiredness card. If you win, you play again! If you lose, you don’t move and it’s the next player’s turn

Medical leave: you have been eliminated!

Advice: if you land on space 19 you go back to space 2, if you land on space 44 you go back to space 32

You’ve found water!: you play again!

Fire: you play again!

Bear Grylls: you have 5 minutes to get dressed up like Bear Grylls! If you are convincing, you move forward a space, if not, you stay where you are!

Tanning: you’re too busy sunning yourself so you miss a go 🙁

Fishing kit: it’s a shame, you’re out! you have to make dinner for everyone using at least 4 ingredients!

Brain: time for a moment of strategy since you can steak a necklace of immunity! If nobody has one, then you win just a normal necklace (less fun, we know)

Reunification: you can block the player after you from having their turn (twice). If there are only two of you, then you roll again and play three times in a row!

Orientation: an object has been hidden by each player at the start of the game. Each player makes a note of where it is hidden and writes a clue as to how to find it. When you land on this space you are given a clue and you have 10 minutes to find the object. If you win then you go towards space 54. If you lose then you wait for the next turn to move

The Post: the final space! You have to land directly on it with an exact number on the dice. All the other players participate in this challenge too, since it is their goal to make you lose! Whoever can stand for the longest time on one leg on top of a jar or a tin wins. If you win this challenge then you are the winner of the game. If you lose then you go back to the reunification space.

PS: in the adult version, you can change the rules and make them more difficult. It’s up to you!

le jeu de l'oie koh lanta
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