Simon Says…

Simon Says…

If there’s any game that’s a classic, it’s definitely this one ! Simon says… it’s still just as popular. Why go without it ? Make it last at least 10 minutes !

— Now let’s play «Simon says» !

— Ooooohhhh !

— Remember, you should only obey me if I first say the words «Simon says». For instance : «Simon says, touch your nose» is ok but if I say «jump» without «Simon says» Don’t do it ! If one of you follow an order that doesn’t begin with «Simon says», you’re out of the game. The last person left is the winner and becomes the next «Simon». Understood ?

— Yes !

— I’ll start : «Simon says, everybody stand up !»

You can also rename the game and replace «Simon» by the name of the birthday boy or girl.

Here are a few order suggestions : jump, hop on one foot, run, run on the spot, touch your feet, thighs, shoulders, head; spin round, lift your arms, your legs; mimic a hen, a monkey, a lion; sing «Polly put the kettle on», count very quickly up to 5 and so on…


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