A Short Fitness Game

A Short Fitness Game

Séance d’aérobic

There’s nothing better than a good stretch of the legs with a little aerobics session. Everyone gets into the swing of things and there’s another bonus which is not so acknowledged, it tires everyone out in one go! Follow this activity guide to entertain the kids at a party!

—   I’d like to check that you’re all in good shape. I’m going to put some music on and ask you to make the same movements as me. Are you ready?

—   Yess.

—   That was a little bit pathetic. Are you ready?

—   Yesssssss.

—   Okay, let’s call on the music: “music, music, music”.

—  Now, you’ve earnt a bit of a lie down. Shall we have a bit of a siesta! (Let them have a bit of a breather, and at the same time make the most of a well-deserved break!)

The idea is to get everyone bouncing around, do movements which are quick and easy during an aerobics session: wave goodbye, drive a car, make circles with your arms, tap yourself on each arm, on your shoulders, on your head, on your bottom, on your tummy, on the ground with your hands, with your feet, clap your hands, click your fingers, jump up and down, turn around, do the airplane, lift up your arms, put one leg in front of the other, go forwards, go backwards... And then turn off the music.


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