Shell Garland

Shell Garland

Shell Garland

She sells sea shells on the sea shore…

This shell garland will be the perfect accessory for decorating your mermaid themed party !


  • The printable that can be downloaded here
  • Coloured, sparkly paper that can be found here
  • Scissors
  • A box knife
  • Glue
  • String that can be found here

1. Print out the printable.

2. Cut out the shapes and place them on the plain side of the sparkled sheet.

3. Using the back of your scalpel, gently stencil over the pattern, allowing it to be cut out easily.

4. Fold the page like an accordian, following the template lines.

5. Stick the two parts together, like the picture below.

6. Using a needle, make two holes in each side of the bottom of the shell. Then thread the string through the holes.


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