Setting a Sweet Table

Setting a Sweet Table

Setting a party table

Our free tutorial and advice for creating an American style candy bar, that you can use for a wedding, a baptism, New Year…

A sweet table is THE table in the style of the States! Discover everything there is to know for an absolute WOW effect!


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A sweet table, as the name suggests, is full of yummy sweet treats. It’s an American tradition that we have had to borrow! Have a look at the Oh Happy Day blog for some amazing inspiration. First things first, you have to prepare the table in advance. Choose a specific theme and associate each element to it.

Here’s the key three points to lay the best sweet table that’ll look like a work of us (according to us):


The choice of the theme is essential as it will give a vision to your table. The theme could simply be a colour, a season, or even a cartoon character or a place… The theme could be part of the occassion you’re celebrating (a pastel table for a baby shower), or completely random (a fruity sweet table for New Year), it’s up to you!
Get inspired by trends or seasons: Tropical, Unicorne, Summertime, Pastel, Tutti Frutti etc.

You’ll get the most beautiful result if each element from the sweet table matches up to your theme: find a central theme so all the parts go together.


The million dollar question : A sweet table would be nothing without… Without ? Ah, without a table ! Choose one that isn’t wobbly, and be sure to place it in a strategic place (if possible, against a wall, or if you are in a park, against a tree).
Find a pretty tablecloth (unless it’s an India Mahdavi table), and then you can:

1. Put all of the straws into a cup.
2. Make an arrangement of cups.
3. Place the cake front and centre, on a cake platter so that everyone can see it (unless it was a failure).
4. Set up a pyramid of honeycomb balls.
5. Scatter some confetti, some small toys, etc…


Your table is (nearly) ready ! For a really successful sweet table (with the “wow” factor guaranteed), “overflow” the table by attaching bunting above the table, or allow some balloons to float by the sides. The idea is to fill out the table as much as possible in order to give it some volume.


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