Safari Quiz

Safari Quiz

A little safari quiz ? There is lots of information linked to this theme, which makes for the perfect opportunity to organise a quiz ! Here are some examples of questions to ask.  You could of course adapt the questions according to the age of the children. To make things a bit more interesting, you could create two teams; the first one to sound the buzzer and give the right answer wins a point/ a sweet.

1. What is the only feline to live in a group?

  • The lion
  • The tiger
  • The puma

2. What is the quickest feline animal?

  • The cheetah
  • The jaguar
  • The leopard

3. Which lions do the hunting?

  • The lions
  • The lionesses
  • The lion cubs

4. What does safari mean?

  • Holiday
  • Long trip
  • A walk

5. The wildebeest are …

  • … an African antelope
  • … a type of vulture
  • … a rodent species

6. The lynx is an animal known for…

  • … it’s intelligence
  • … it’s speed
  • … it’s very good eyesight

7. What is special about an elephant ?

  • It’s the only animal that eats peanuts
  • It’s the only animal  that has a trunk 
  • It’s the only animal that doesn’t drink water

8. Which is the biggest killer in Africa?

  • The hippopotamus
  • The lion
  • The leopard

9. What is the size of a giraffe’s neck?

  • 1.20 m
  • 2.20 m
  • 3.20 m

10. How long can a crocodile live for?

  • 10 years
  • 30 years
  • 80 years


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