Royal Family Quiz

Royal Family Quiz

Royal Family Quiz

Shall we have a little Royal Family quiz ? Thanks to it’s history, this theme is perfect for an activity during a princess-themed birthday party or a British-themed evening. You could, of course, add remove or change the questions according to the age of the children / adults ! To make the game more challenging, you could create two teams, the first one to sound the buzzer wins a point/a sweet.

Correct answers in bold.

1. When did Elizabeth II become Queen ?

– 1998
– 1970
– 1953

2. Where does she live?

– Windsor Castle
– Buckingham Palace
– On a boat

3. What is the name of the Queen’s husband ?

– Peter
– Duke of York
– Duke of Edinburgh

4. How long have they been married for ?

– 40 years
– 50 years
– 70 years

5. What are the Queen’s favourite breed of dog ?

– Corgis
– Pitbulls
– Dalmatians

6. What is the name of Prince Harry’s wife ?

– Meghan
– Mary
– Amélie

7. Name William and Kate’s 3 children.

– Fred, Margot, Peter
– George, Charlotte, Louis
– Daisy, John, Anne

8. What is the Royal Family’s favourite activity in summer ?

– Going to the beach
– Visiting Balmoral, a castle in Scotland
– Eating lots of ice cream

9. Prince Charles has what other title ?

– King of Sussex
– Duke of York
– Prince of Wales

10. What was the Royal Family’s original surname, before Windsor ?

– Smith
– Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
– Macron

11. What should you do when you meet the Queen for the first time ?

– Kiss on the cheek
– Shake hands

12. How much are the Crown Jewels worth ?

– Priceless
– £ 20 million
– £ 4 billion

13. Where are they kept ?

– Buckingham Palace
– We don’t know, it’s a secret
– The Tower of London


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