R2D2 Costume

R2D2 Costume


In a galaxy far far away, the world is governed by the Force. The young Padawans or the Jedi trainees learn to control it, whilst the insiders take part in the Star Wars. The Force is essential, but it’s also absolutely necessary to have allies on your side.

What would Anakin Skywalker be without R2D2? Would this famous duo ever be just as captivating and spellbinding? Okay, so we’re suggesting a DIY activity which is dedicated especially to them: the little robot’s costume


  • The printables which you can download here and here!
  • A large piece of white paper which is quite thick (300 g). The thickness being evaluated according to the size of your child.
  • Half a ball (hollowed out) which you can find here
  • A glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A Stanley knife
  • A compass
  • A stapler
  • A board to cut on or a cardboard material…

1. Print out the different shapes and cut them into their respective shapes while following the templates.

2. Stick the different elements onto the polysterene helmet and onto the white piece of paper, according to the model presented in the picture. For the body of the robot, place the picture in landscape format and stick the elements so that they are centred and quite close to the top end of the piece of paper.

3. Roll the piece of paper around your child so that you can mark with a pencil where their arms will go.

4. Put the piece of paper down flat and trace two circles with a compass, level with the spots that you established at the previous stage. The diameter must be big enough to fit their arms through.

5. Use the Stanley knife to cut out the two circles.

6. Staple the two ends of the piece of paper together to form a tube.

And there you have it, your R2D2 costume is ready! Now all that you need to do is climb aboard your spaceship!


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