Pyjama Party Birthday

Pyjama Party Birthday

Pyjama Party Birthday

Organising a pyjama party is so simple that we could let you go solo. However, going back to school in to 6th grade has already been torture for Romy, the first time is always hard… So we want her to have fun. Organise a pyjama party and she’ll be the queen of her friendship group, who will be her friends for life, or at least for the next year ! We’re not going to lie to you, Domino’s pizza would have been the trick for us. We’ve decided to organise a pyjama party for little and big girls ! Romy is 11 years old and is going in to 6th grade. Of course, the activities and the selection of films will vary with age. A pyjama party is cool, so you avoid babying her too much and don’t forget that Romy’s whole social life is at stake ! The party should take place on a Friday night, following the end of school ! Everything should be ready by Thursday night, and for you lucky people, we’re even giving you advice for the half a day beforehand to finalise everything !


1 month before – You’re ahead, you can be proud of yourself. If you’re running late, don’t worry (we’ve always got your back) ! A pyjama party is basically a night at your friend’s house, so it’s best to prewarn their parents. The problem is that in 6th grade, it becomes more complicated to find the time to chat to them, and almost impossible at the end of school. So, prepare an invitation with all the essential info: your email and number so parents can contact you. You could even add a date that you’ll be available at the school café so the parents you don’t know can meet you ! But also, the ultimate details are to bring pyjamas, a change of clothes and a toothbrush ! You can create the cards yourself or download the free printable! If you aren’t very creative, you can always buy them, but don’t forget to at least add your number and email!

3 weeks before – It’s time to give out the invitations… Romy is a big girl, you can leave her in charge of them! She uses some girly stickers to seal the envelope and she’s done!

2 weeks before – You’ve chosen the theme of the party. All that’s left is to do the shopping. For decorations, we have everything you need for the tent (the highlight of the decor !) cushions, rugs, dream catchersgarlands and a disco ball. For the table sets: we have plenty of plates and shiny paper cups and especially popcorn boxes! As for presents, we’re not joking: nail varnish, cool badges, a dreamy cushion, presents for big girls basically! For big party bags we now have bags so your guests can leave absolutely spoilt! We love cushions by Mathilde Cabanas, nail varnish by Nailmatics, and all the little gadgets that can be found in the gifts section at My Little Day!

Still 2 weeks before – We prepare the countdown to our successful party in the making.

10 days before – It’s hard but you get ready and down a litre of coffee to prepare for the day. Romy has been very clear, the further away you and the rest of the family are, the better!! Finally, it’s not so bad seeing them grow up! You palm off the siblings to their friend’s houses, while the girl of the night has a party with her friends ! We’re preparing for a party of gossiping, pampering and movies… we’re already dreaming of it!

1 week before – We’re nearly there. You check that your online food order is coming, or it’s already arrived… You finish buying presents from Hema and Sephora : select a choice of recipes and activities to fill the length of the party, with Romy calling out several rules! Print off the printables, prepare the playlist and especially the films!

The night before – It’s a bit like a dream, this tent, that’s in between a tipi and Jude Law’s daughters’ hide-out in The Holiday. There’s no doubt about it, the result will be so beautiful that the hide-out can stay for a few days afterwards. Ideally, make it up in the living room / TV room (so they can watch films), but it would work in the bedroom too. Perhaps you use a tipi base, attach long material sides on top and use a pin to hold back the sides to create more space. Roll out the garlands, lay out the mattresses, cushions and balloons… If it’s not a tipi structure, don’t worry : fix a hook to the ceiling and like a canopy, hang different pieces of material and pin parts of them back and part of them to the wall. At the base of the canopy, add mattresses, rugs and cushions. Add balloons and garlands. A cake is not a necessity at a pyjama party, but if its a birthday party, there’s not much choice! So, we suggest making a tiered cake and covering it with colored icing. To decorate it tomorrow: prepare pyjama party toppers and shiny candles!

Download the forward planning

Download Retro-planning


The party starts at 5 PM at the end of school, so here’s our advice for the afternoon beforehand to finish off the preparations solo, rest assured !

12.30 PM– Eat on the move, go to a corner shop and get a range of their favourite magazines, the latest gossip on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, quizzes and games, things that can get them gossiping all night long! Prepare a pencil case with colored crayons for tests!

1.15 PM– Back at the house, you admire the tent, because it’s really magical, you hope that Romy realises how lucky she is! No time to waste, free up one of the shelves for a teddy bear bar. For a party to succeed, everything needs to be tidy and don’t forget the sign for the toy bar on these free printables! On the lowest shelf, go for a nail bar! Because they dream about having perfectly pampered nails, tonight you let them. You allow for 2 pots of varnish per girl and line them up together, not forgetting nail polish remover and some cotton pads. For a decorative touch, the sign for a nail bar is on these printables!

2 PM – The popcorn bar is a necessity for the party, on a little table you set up popcorn boxes with the red striped awning on top! And then you just have to put up a sign for a popcorn bar! Those of you brave enough could make colored popcorn and put them in to little boxes or in a Hollywood style popcorn dispenser!

3 PM – Focus on kitchen preparations: fruit and sweet skewers, prepare the ingredients for pizzas so it will be fast when the time comes !

4 PM – No more time to waste, check that the playlists are ready, check that there are batteries in the DVD remote!

5.15 PM – It’s time, the girls are here! You show them the the room and see their heads nod, I think the decor is a success! You take their school bags and overnight bags to Romy’s room! You explain how the night will pan out, with a break to eat with the fruit and sweet skewers, some donuts, etc. It’s going to be a party, and that the basic schedule is:


Nail varnish




And then another film (but maybe not, all that might be enough!)

6 PM – It’s time to get in to the tent, you put the first film on for them ! You hear from afar the film start and their voices chat inside the tent ! Meanwhile, you’re in the kitchen preparing the pizzas and the cake toppers!

7.30 PM – The film is finished, go back in to the room and see what’s happening ! You tell the girls that they can starting to paint their nails ! Normally, they’ll say they can manage and you can return to your other jobs, the further away you are the better !

8.30  PM– It’s time for pizzas! Soda without caffeine, lemonade, you prepare some tomatoes, cherries, add some vegetables to this junk food party! If it’s also a birthday party, it’s time for cake!

9.30 PM – It’s time to brush their teeth, their hair and get in to their pyjamas! When they’re all dressed, it’s a good opportunity for a photo under the tent, with the teddies, balloons and whilst the playlist is still on!

10 PM – You put the second film on. In the mean time, you prepare a crêpe mix for tomorrow morning, you tidy up, set the table, prepare the bowls, the spread for the crêpes and the sprinkles!

11.30 PM – The film is finished, you go and see if everyone is still awake! Normally, some are already asleep, you suggest that the others read some magazines and chat quietly !

00.30 AM – You turn out the lights! And friendly advice (best advice ever) : stay in the room until everyone is snoring. You could wedge the door at an angle and just listen patiently. It’s the only way to be sure that they’re not staying up until 4 AM…

08.30 AM– It’s time to wake up, and it’s a pancakes party, you’ve already prepared the decorations for the stack with the toppers, they will do the rest!

09.30 AM – They return to the tent to read the magazines, do the tests and maybe even watch another little film!

10.30 AM – Before getting dressed, you give Romy her presents and for the girls, party bags which have been filled with nail varnish, jewellery or badges, a little surprise gift! The cherry on top, they leave with a cushion that you got for the occasion!

11 AM – It’s time to get dressed, get washed up and the first parents arrive to take their little darlings home!

12.30 PM – The family comes back together and it’s back to reality, but if you’re super sneaky, you will have perceived your tiredness and told your other half to look after your kids so you can go and get a manicure, a real one! Listen to Dream, and you reassure yourself secretly that it was one.

Download the to do list


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