Princess Crown

Princess Crown

DOY couronne princesse

In our favourite fairy tales, there is often a princess who doesn’t know that she is in fact a princess, then there is an ever so charming prince and they fall head over heels in love at a marvellous ball! At the end of this tale, they live happily ever after, they have lots of children, they reign over the whole kingdom, they are adored by absolutely everyone… Whilst waiting to find the prince charming, we’re preparing our crown so that we look the absolutely stunning when we go to the ball.

Prince or princess crown


  • Some soft golden aluminium wire
  • A pair of scissors
  • A paper knife (or any object which is smooth and thin)

1. Cut out two lengths of wire : one which is a little bigger than your head size and another which is about 3 times bigger than that.
2. Take the first piece of wire, fit it over the child’s head to get the right size and then close the circle by making a loop.
3. Take the second wire, attach it to one end of the head size wire by making a loop.
4. Form the first peak by really straightening up the pipe cleaner with the paper knife to create a pointed shape.

5. Make a loop around the head size to keep the peak in place.
6. Make as many peaks as necessary to go around the circle.

Princess Tiara


  • 2 golden chenille pipe cleaners, each 50 cm long
  • A pair of scissors

1. Fix the two pipe cleaners together whilst twisting them one around the other.
2. Measure the head size and wind in the pipe cleaner to the right size whilst making a circle.
3. Fold up the pipe cleaner to form three peaks, the one in the middle being a little bit bigger than the two others.

4. Twist round the pipe cleaner to fix the tiara in place and cut off any extra if need be.

There you have it; your princess crown and tiara are finished! Now all that’s missing is your princess dress to wear to the ball.


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