Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Princess themed Birthday Party

The princess is THE character adored by all little girls. Therefore if you have a daughter, a princess themed birthday party is inevitable at some point. Everything that’s delicate and sweet are not just for one princess but for lots of little princesses. In terms of decorations and games, it’s a domaine where anything’s possible.

As far as the decorations are concerned, the more girly it is, the more successful it will be! With splashes of pinkpurplegold and sparkles, you will be spot-on!

If your daughter is a princess, then you are of course the queen (or the King, giving a nod to all the Fathers). There’s no need to stress, you oversee everything, you’re a queen, you don’t forget anything, ever. And the subjects of your kingdom are forever enthralled in front of their queen. What follows is the breakdown of the occasion…


T-30 : The word princess has been dropped about every 10 minutes, so no doubt we’re going to have this as the theme of the party. The date is set, it’s now time to let the little guests know that they are in store for a treat.

T-29 : For the invitations, think about if you’re going to go for a DIY method or if you’ll opt for ready-made invitations (personal satisfaction versus a time-saving trick).

T-20 : You have chosen your invitations, that you’ve filled out all by yourself or have recruited the help of others. Depending on the age of your child, you could trust her to write some out or simply give her some little stickers to decorate them (the more little imperfections, the better).

T-20 : Start to create a mental idea of how you would like the birthday party to be. #teamorganised

T-20 : If you start panicking due to the magnitude of the task at hand, reread the following phrase: EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT. We are here for that, we are here to help you. Feel free to call a friend, your sister or your husband and ask them to keep the date free as of now.

And don’t hesitate to learn this section by heart. #teamjoke

T-15 : The time has come to buy all the items necessary for the party. (decorations, games, etc.)

T-10 : Think about what you’re going to wear. The theme that you’re putting together needs to emulate royal elegance. Put the princesses from the cartoons to one side and see for yourself whether you are more like Stéphanie of Monaco or Kate Middleton (#teamkatemiddleton). Take out your most beautiful jewellery, and get out your long dress.

T-10 : 10 minutes later: your daughter, intrigued by your trips to and from the bedroom and the bathroom, also wants to have her own princess outfit. It’s time to look around for some costumes. Don’t forget to also take a crown for yourself.

T-7 : Playlist, check. The printing of all the printables, check. The printing of the list of games and the games themselves, check.

T-1 : If you’ve not yet recruited the services of the best local patîsserie, make yourself the most beautiful of cakes (two different sized sponge cakes on top of each other, covered with lots of pink icing and smarties, then pose a figurine at the top… of a princess!). You can also make shortbread biscuits in the shape of a castle, a princess, a prince, and a horse-drawn carriage.

T-1 continued : You start to get the scene together, the pumpkin turns into a carriage, you blow up the balloons (printed or plain) which can be inflated with air (for those using helium, you wait for tomorrow), you hang up the garlands, you sprinkle the room with sequins (#voila)….

Download the forward planning


9H30 : I would have played Sleeping Beauty over and over again, but duty calls. My little princess is already on the case, parading around in lots of sequins, it would seem that she went to sleep the night before in her glitter crown. We’re sortting the gift bags together. I put aside the little surprises (ringssoap bubbleshair clips…), I make up the piles (a pile of sweets, a pile of presents, a pile of stickers, a pile of gift bags) and she fills them up.

10H00 : We make a start on the decorations. She cuts the gift ribbon, and I attach the weights to the balloons.

11H30 : The balloons are inflated, pretty clusters float around here and there, the table is set, I’m starting to see through rose-tinted glasses. Literally.

11H45 : We’re learning how to wave to the crowd by watching videos of Queen Elizabeth.

12H00 : A little tired out by the royal protocol, we decide that it’s time to regain some strength and have a bit of lunch.

15H00 : The doorbell rings. While I greet the parents, little by little the children take over the room.

15H05 : We get into a circle, we sit down and then start to introduce ourselves. You begin: “I’m the mum of… I’m not a teacher.”. Each person gives their name, their age, the name of their teacher, their favourite game, their favourite colour, their favourite cartoon. And with a confident tone of voice, you can say what the games and rules of the afternoon will be: we’re going to play all together.

15H10 : We start with the game “Favourite Princesses” in order to get everyone in the swing of things.

15H20 : We follow on from what each princess has said.

15H30 : Fabulous children, you are really grasping the theme to a tee. Everyone has stuck to the dress code, there are an abundance of princess dresses. We keep the theme going throughout the day by doing DIY activities such as making a wire crown, a fairy’s wand and/or a princess cape.

16H : What a success, you have the delicate hands of fairies! Shall we all now do a princess dance? I grab hold of a magic wand and there you have it; you just need to dance gracefully under it whilst gazing up at the ceiling.

16H32 : Time for tea. Your shortbread biscuits and your cake set off “ohhhs” of admiration. And I won’t even mention the strawberry milk.

16H45 : Clear the table and then let’s do something that all princesses dream of doing, uncovering precious gemstones.

17H30 : Princesses love to sing, am I wrong? This leaves one game: My Favourite Games.

17H40 : We follow with a game of musical statues tweaked to include curtseys, each one more original than the next.

17H55 : And to finish off, the presents!

18H05 : Time to relax, you are free and can now go to sleep. All that you need to do now is find the strength to take off your crown.

FRIENDLY ADVICE (PART 1) : This breakdown is the dream of the perfect party. It’s an ideal version of a child’s birthday celebration through my own eyes. It doesn’t consider games which are vetoed by children at the swish of a wand, it doesn’t take into account children which sigh and roll their eyes before you’ve even finished your sentence and those which always want to lead the activities. Don’t hesitate to click on your child’s age and go through the games which have not been suggested in this list. There are plenty! 

FRIENDLY ADVICE (Part 2) : This breakdown has been written for children which love princesses and children which love princesses are often 4 or 5 years old. For smaller children (very mature) or slightly older children (Kate Middleton is a great example for us all, don’t deny it), I advise that you go through the selection of games that we have for your child’s age. It will make it more age appropriate! 


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