Pompom Mountains

Pompom Mountains

Mountains pompons

Winter, Christmas, snow and the mountains… What more could you ask for? Let yourself be carried away into a world covered with snow, wrapped up warm in your blanket with a hot chocolate in hand, thanks to these very authentic little mountains!
This DIY activity has been inspired to us by the blog Mr Printables.


    • A pair of scissors
    • Some wool which you can find here
    • Some cardboard
    • Four pins
    • A pen
    • The printable which you can download here
diy pompon 7

1. Cut out shapes 1 and 2 of the printable.

2. Copy the shape and colour instructions onto the cardboard.

3. Cut out the 4 shapes according to the lines that you’ve traced.

4. Position the 2 shapes both together.

5. Roll up the “white” zone with white wool, wrap it around several times.

diy pompon 5

6. In the same way, roll up the green zone covering up the white part.

diy pompon 4

7. Finish it off with a knot.

8. Do the same with the second template but only wrap it up with the green wool.

diy pompon 3

9. Fold up the two ends of the two templates.

10. Put the two templates together.

11. Pinch the two ends together so that they are held strongly together.

12. Cut the wool to the length of the templates, between the pieces of cardboard.

diy pompon 2

13. Place a thread of wool in the notch and pull it taut so that it holds all of the threads of the pompom in place, and then make a knot.

diy pompon 1

15. Cut the pompom into a triangle, while starting to create a base with the green side, then by cutting at such an angle to make the mountain.

14. Remove the pins and cardboard and there you have your pompom.

diy pompon

16. You’ve ended up with a snowy covered mountain. You can use different colours to create an authentic mountain range!

There you have it; your mountain pompoms are ready. Now its up to you to create a genuine mountain range!


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