Pointed Party Hat

Pointed Party Hat

A party without a pointed party hat ? Impossible ! We’re going to give you all the essential tools to make one yourself. You’ll be able to use it for anything, whether its for a birthday party, a wedding or to bring in the New Year. This hat will guarantee you both crazy colours and gigantic smile !


  • The printable which you can print here on a piece of card
  • Some rolls of crepe paper that you can find here
  • Ribbons that you will find here
  • 50 cm of elasticated thread
  • Some rolls of masking tape with different patterns that you can find here
  • A Stanley knife
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the printable onto some card.
2. Cut out the printable.
3. Stick masking tape on the printed side in the way shown, whilst sticking right up to the edges.
4. Cover the whole template and then cut away the excess masking tape along the edges of the printable.

5. With the help of an adult, cut along the lines of the printable and pierce the holes to thread through the elasticated thread.

6. Stick the pieces of multicoloured crepe paper on the white side.
7. Make a knot with the elasticated wire in the hole provided for this purpose.

8. Put the flap into the slit and taadaa !

There you have it, your hat is ready to wear ! Feel free to use it as the finishing touch to one of your costumes !


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