Pirate Party Bag

Pirate Party Bag

DIY to make a pirate party bag free

Because a pirate never leaves without his treasure, make a party bag that will delight them all ! Each bag is unique according to the map that has been designed, so no need to fight, everyone will get their jackpot !


  • The printable pirate party bag
  • Kraft paper
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sellotape
  • A thick black marker
  • A hole punch
Material to make a pirate party bag

1. Print out the printable, as many times as you want (one page can make 4 bags), and follow the DIY here to make your bag.

Free tutorial My Little Day to make a pirate party bag for a pirate birthday

2. Fill your bag, make a 4cm flap at the top of the bag and make 2 holes in the middle. Cut out all the parts of the printable and fold the flags in two.

Do it yourself to make a pirate party bag

3. Cut a piece of string approx. 15cm long. Pass the string through the two holes and close the bag with a simple knot. Knot each end of the string and glue the flags at each end, as close to the knots as possible.

Easy and free tutorial to make a pirate party bag for a birthday or a theme party

4. Glue the boat and the treasure wherever you want on the bag and with the help of a black marker, draw a treasure map to link them together.

And voilà ! Beautiful treasure ready to be discovered by your pirates in the making !


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