Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat

Free diy My Little Day to do a pirate hat

A fancy-dress evening, a carnival, a pirate themed birthday party… and you’re looking for the perfect costume ? We’ve got all the kit you need to dress up as Captain Hook ! We’ll start with the eye patch, then with the hook, don’t forget the telescope and last but not least, the essential item, we’re going to make your own pirate hat !


  • Two strips of black sugar paper – 5 cm wide and 29 cm long
  • A stapler and staples
  • A pair of scissors
Free and easy do it yourself to do a pirate hat

1. Print and cut out the pirate hat.
2. Staple together the two strips of black paper.
3. After having measured your head size with the band, staple the strips so that they are the right size.

Easy and free diy to do a pirate hat

4. Staple the pirate hat onto the band that fits around your head.

Do it yourself easy and free to do a pirate hat for a birthday party

There you have it; your pirate hat is finished ! Give one to all the children to wear so that they all become real little pirates that look like Captain Jack Sparrow !


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