An ABC of Pinatas

An ABC of Pinatas

An ABC of Pinatas

A pinata is THE must have feature of a successful party.
Which one to choose? What to fill it with? Where to hang it? What to break it open with?
We’ll let you in on all our best tips so you have an amazing time, but if all goes wrong, this might make you feel better…!


There are so many different pinatas available to you. When it comes to choosing which one you should buy, ask yourself a few questions:

1st question: a pinata with or without strings?

Pinatas WITH strings are perfect for both young and old alike. Each kid pulls on a string, one of which will open the pinata and release the goods, just like magic! Pinatas with strings are also a good idea for parties in smaller spaces, with not much swing room …

Pinatas WITHOUT strings are good for people of all ages, but a bit of strength and precision is required to hit the target and successfully break open the shape. They’re better in big spaces, a garage or outside! To break it, you’ll need a broom stick or a bat long enough to reach the pinata.

Professionnal advice: The pinata is made of cardboard and is fairly firm, so it might be very difficult to break it open without the strings! If you choose a pinata without string, here’s some advice to help open it: make a little hole where you can insert string ends or ribbon. Replace the flap and stick it down to cover the hole. The kids, yanking on the strings, will pull the flap out of place and release the surprises!

2nd question: Which pinata for which theme?

For themed parties, there’s always a pinata to match. For a Jurassic birthday, we have the T RexTriceratops or baby dinosaur pinatas. For a princess party, you can choose between the ballet slipper or the pink heart shapes! The pirate ship pinata is perfect for Jack Sparrow or Peter Pan! For a colourful party, take a look at our rainbow, flamingo and ice cream pinatas. For a summertime party, we have a strawberry pinata or one in the shape of a beach ball!

And of course we have some more simple pinatas too, which will look good whatever the theme! The unicorn pinata at your party will be the little black dress in your wardrobe: a must have. The star pinata, for a touch of Hollywood glamour, or an evening among the stars with Tim Peake.

The Big Day

Time to prepare the pinata!

Filling it: The pinata comes empty so don’t forget to fill it! On the underside of each pinata, there is a tab (sometimes very well hidden) to push that creates a hole in the pinata. This hole lets you fill it! Sweetspresents and confetti all make excellent hidden treats! 


INSIDEThe pinata has to be suspended in the middle  of the room, furniture moved out of the way. The kids have to be able to move around it without tripping over once their eyes are covered.
If you have a free hook or a crossbeam, that’s the perfect place ! I just know that I certainly don’t have a free space…

OUTSIDE: The pinata can be hung from a branch in the garden, from a goalpost or a basketball hoop in the park.

Each pinata has a little hook. Take some string and fix it to the hook to create a loop long enough to hang the pinata. Bare in mind that the kids have to be able to reach it whether to pull on the strings or to hit it with a bat.

Hanging it, REALITY:  

If you don’t have a hook or a way to fix it, you can hang it from a broom. In this case, an adult will need to be strong enough to hold the broom up and suffer the crash test! We’d opt for the pinatas with string in this case to avoid injury…

Breaking it: Pinatas with string are easy to break open, the guests each pull on the strings, one of which will make it open. For children above 5-6 years old, you might choose to break the pinata open with a bat, whether it has strings or not. The kids will absolutely love it, there’ll be loads of laughter, especially if it doesn’t break and you try to keep your cool! However it comes (with or without string), get the kids to line up in single file and they can take turns pulling a string or hitting the pinata one by one. Stand at the front of line to keep order and help to guide the kids, collecting the bat after each go to pass it onto the next child. You might have to reform the queue a couple of times if chaos ensues! From 9 to 10 years old you could also cover the children’s eyes with an eye mask. It adds a bit more risk, so we would suggest saving that for outside! So, it’s all up to you! We would love to hear about your experience. It’s really great fun and easier outside, and you could still line the kids up and guide them a bit (you’re hot, cold, left a bit, right a bit…)

The Alternative: The pinata can also be used as an accessory for a photobooth. The kids can pose with it! Some designs may look better than others for this. The unicorn, the parrot, the dinosaur or the rocket for example. And obviously, if the pinata ends up in a passable state, you could use it again as bedroom decor.

Secret confessions: Having already witnessed a super awkward moment where the string pinata didn’t open, we can only advise you to get a broomstick ready to whack the pinata down!

Practical advice: Prepare empty paper party bags so the kids can collect their little presents and sweets!


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