Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

pin the horn on the unicorn

The game “pin the tail on the donkey” is a must-do during a children’s party, so imagine the joy when you swap the donkey for a unicorn! Genious “pin the horn on the unicorn”! Attention, LEGEND-ARY atmosphere guaranteed! Follow this free printable tutorial for the funnest activity!


  • The print-out, which can be downloaded here. Attention: it’s in A3 format
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • An eyemask, bandana or opaque scarf

1. Download and print the poster and the horns in A3 format. Cut out all of the unicorn horns – you need one for each child.

2. Along the back of each horn, stick a piece of double-sided sticky tape.

3. Get the children to line up in single-file infront of the poster. Cover the eyes of the first child in the queue with the bandana or scarf.
Turn them round between 5 and 10 times. If the children are very small, you don’t need to spin them as they might be too disorientated…

4. Give them the horn in their hand to stick on the poster. Ask the other children to guide them:
– Go straight ahead.
– Turn to the left.
– There you go, you’re at the poster.
– Move the horn a bit higher!
– You’re hot!! Ahhh no, you’re cold!….

The children will trick eachother, and the racket will lead to fits of laughter!
The winner is the one who places the horn closest to the unicorn’s head.


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