Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf

Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf

Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf DIY

“Pin the tail on the donkey” is an unavoidable game at birthday parties, but it’s not very appropriate for a Frozen party. Don’t panic, we’ve prepared for everything with this “Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf”. Ready ? Go !


Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf - image 1

1. Download and print out the poster and noses in A3 format. Cut out all the noses, you need as many outfits as there are children.

2. On the back of each nose, put a bit of double sided tape. Give a nose to each child !

3. Place the children in a line in front of the poster. Blindfold the first child in the line.

Spin them round 5 to 10 times. If the children are very young, it’s best not to turn them around at all, they will be too disorientated…

4. Give them the nose to pin on. And ask the other children to guide them:

– Go straight ahead.
– To the left.
– That’s it, you’re on the poster.
– Higher !
– You’re warm ! Oh no, you’re cold…

Children like to trick each other, cacophony guarantees crazily funny scenes ! The winner is the one who places the carrot nose in the closest place to where it should be.


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