Flying Pigeon

Flying Pigeon

Coordination and concentration are key for this game ! It shouldn’t make them scared, they’re 7 years old. Obviously, if you’re having a dinosaur themed party, get out the leaves and to start off the game, only indicate to them names of dinosaurs.

— I would like you to sit down on the floor facing me, with your legs crossed. I will teach you the game «Pigeon flies». I will lift my arms (show the gesture) and say a word associated with the verb «fly». For instance I lift my arms and say : «toucan flies», «eagle flies», «canary flies»… If I give the name of an animal which flies, you must also lift your arms. But if the animal doesn’t fly, you must not move. For instance, if you lift your arms when I say «pig flies», you will be eliminated ! The winner is the last player left who will then replace me. Understood ?

— Yes !

You must of course say the animal (or object) names very quickly to trick the players and lift your arms up even if it doesn’t fly. However don’t be too hard on them, you can give the children several chances before eliminating them.


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