pictionnary enfant jeu

Of course you know Pictionary! I’m not revealing anything new to you. It’s a fantastic birthday game. Feel free to make it last a good 15 minutes!

—  I would like you to form the two teams again. On my count of three, the champions’ team regroups to my right and the winners’ team regroups to my left : 1, 2, 3! Sit down facing me with your legs crossed. Next to me I have got a pile of paper, a pencil and some cellotape. I am going to hang a sheet of paper on the wall. One of you will come next to me and I will whisper to him or her the name of an object, of a character or of an animal. He or she will have to draw it while the other children try to guess what it is. The player who gives the right answer gets one point for his or her team. It is very simple, are you ready?

— Yes!

— Lucy, come next to me. You will draw (whispering): a crab.

Here is a list of things you can ask them to draw : a princess, a king, a fairy, a dragon, a witch, a mouse, an elephant, a chair, a lamp, a baby, a knight, a fortified castle, a tepee, an Indian…

Alternate by taking a person from each team in turn. 


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