Star Wars Photobooth

Star Wars Photobooth

DIY Star Wars Photobooth

Star Wars is jam-packed with iconic characters, incredible battles, unbelievably fast vessels… But Star Wars is above all a cult classic! It’s worshipped so much that everyone all over the world has heard of it, without even having seen any of the films… So that we don’t forget any of it, we’re going to prepare a photobooth with all the replicas so that you can give them out to your friends at your Jedi themed party!


  • The printables which you can print here and here!
  • Kebab skewers
  • Some scissors
  • Some masking tape which you can find here!

1. Print out the various catchphrases onto a piece of white card and cut them out following the template.
2. Attach each shape onto a kebab skewer with a bit of masking tape.

There you have it; your speech bubbles for a Jedi themed photo booth are all finished! Always keep them with you, especially when Star Wars comes out at the cinema!


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