Personalised Envelopes

Personalised Envelopes

envelopes to personalise

When sending off your post, you have the choice of an impersonal email, a carrier pigeon which will get lost en route, an owl like in Harry Potter or a customised letter made by hand ! We’ve chosen the letter option and since there’s nothing more important than sending a message to your nearest and dearest, wedding announcement, a birthday party invitation or a letter to Father Christmas, we’ve even taken good care of the envelopes. And what’s more, we’re incredibly generous so we’re sharing all our secrets so that your friends will be waiting for the postman every morning! Follow this simple tutorial!


  • Printables which you can download here and here
  • Stickers found here
  • Glitter paper or nice wrapping paper which you can find here
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
diy noel

1. Print the big printable onto a piece of coloured card and cut it out following the template.
2. Print the second printable onto a piece of white card and cut it out.

diy noel - etape 1 et 2
diy noel - etape 4 et 5

3. Trace the outline of the little shape onto the glitter paper or the wrapping paper and cut it out.
4. Stick the glittery party onto the inside of the envelope, on the triangular bit at the top.
5. Fold and stick down the parts between them. Close up with a sticker.

There you have it, your fantastic envelopes are all finished. All that you need to do now is to slip inside your letter to Father Christmas, a love letter or a card wishing all your friends a Happy New Year!


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