Poor Little Sick Cat

Poor Little Sick Cat

Poor little sick cat is a very very funny game. This circle game requires that children not take themselves too seriously and they are very quickly rewarded as a good laugh awaits them !

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. I will choose a child who will be our «poor little sick cat». The person who has been chosen will go to the centre of the circle on all fours.

— Oh !

— Then, the cat will choose a friend against whom he will have to rub meowing like a cat and making funny faces. The friend chosen by the cat will have to stroke the cat 3 times and say to him «poor little sick cat» without laughing or smiling. The point of the game is for the cat to make his friend laugh. The friend chosen by the cat must not laugh. If he does, he has lost and becomes the new cat. If the friend doesn’t laugh and remains stoney-faced, the cat will have to find a new friend. Understood ?

— Yes !

— On the contrary, those who have not been chosen by the cat as a friend are allowed to laugh !

— Who would like to be the first cat ?

If nobody wants to start you can either choose a child or appoint yourself as the first cat.


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