Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel

Le cadeau musical

Pass the parcel is THE party game that children wait for year after year. When a present is up for grabs, the whole dimension of the game changes! Play it with children of all ages and make it last at least the length of 3 songs.

— Stand up everybody! Let’s sit down again in a circle. Do you know what it means to be “absent-minded”? I think I had my head in the clouds this morning. I have wrapped up a little present but I have completely forgotten how many layers of paper I used. Without opening the present, can you guess how many layers there are?

— There must be at least a hundred!

— We’ll check that together. When the music starts, pass around the present very quickly as if it were a “hot potato”. When the music stops, the child holding the present should open up one only layer of wrapping paper, and see if any treats await them. Are you ready?

— Yes!

— Let’s call for the music: “Music, music, music!”

Put a new song at each new round. For the first round, just have them passing around the present from hand to hand. Children often forget to pass it… For the second round, ask them to pass around the present and to mimic your gestures. Make simple movements like clapping your hands, waving goodbye, making your arms go round and round, slapping your legs… and stop the music. For the third round, you can all stand up and make movements like jumping, driving a car, flying like a plane, raising one leg then the other… For the last round, ideally the music stops on the birthday boy or girl.

If the children are older and more skilful, do the movements standing up from the first round. Feel free to remind them to give their present to their neighbour and to wake them up suggest that the present will be for you. 

Remind them to not throw the present! 


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