Parchment Pirate Invitations

Parchment Pirate Invitations

Parchment Pirate Invitations

A bit of sea air never hurt anyone! What could be better than an invitation that looks like an adventure at sea? Invite your pirate recruits to join you for the captain’s birthday party. Aye aye captain!


  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • A4 sheets of paper
  • String or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Spray glue
  • Glue stick
  • Lighter
  • Holepunch

1. Print out page 1 of the printable as many times as you need. Fold the sheet in two and stick it down with spray glue to make double-sided invitations (if you don’t have spray glue, use a glue stick).

2. In a ventilated room, use a lighter to burn the edges of each invitation for an effective parchment effect. Wait a few minutes before filling out your invitations with all the neccesary information.

3. Cut out the shapes on page 2 of the printable following the black lines: these are the labels for the names of your guests! Glue shapes B onto the back of shapes A. With scissors, cut out your labels following the design on shape A.

4. Make a hole in the corner of each label and write on the name of each guest. Wrap a piece of string around the rolled up invitation and add a label before making a pretty knot.

And you’ve finished! All you have to do now is give out these invitations to all the little pirates and tell them about the big party.


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