Organising a Hen Party

Organising a Hen Party

Organiser un EVJF

Ah, the stress of organising a hen party, a dream or a nightmare?! Well, let’s be honest, inviting the guests (and not just anyone in the bride’s contact list), collecting the funds, finding activities for everyone to do, choosing a date that everyone can attend… That’s no easy job!

Right, best get started… This is going to be tricky…!

But, we are here to provide the essentials: some practical advice!

When talking about a hen do, one thing springs to mind straight away: ORGANISATION!

If you follow these 6 rules, it will run smoothly, we promise!

(Don’t stress…)

The Basics (Or the 6 Commandments you must absolutely follow):

1. So, to avoid a nightmare situatuion, take care of as much as you can in advance, meaning 3 to 6 months in advance.

Why? Because in the case of unexpected events, you can go back to the drawing board, and avoid the future bride to become a Bridezillq!

Note to self: Never lose focus, this day has to be legendary!

2. Make a list of activities. The best ideas are those that match the personality of the bride to be. It’s her day, so choose what will make her the happiest: a little brainstorming is needed.

3. Work out how much all the guests are willing to pay and you’ll have your budget, then you can create the programme! My little equation is so simple. any budget has its activities! Therefore, we have created hen do plans for small, medium and large budgets!

4. Set the date: the more guests there is, the more complications there’ll be, last minute appointments, illnesses and whatever else. Now you will understand why the first tip is so key!

PS: The date should be agreed by everyone several weeks in advance, get those RSVPs!

5. Find a time where all the guests can meet up before the actual hen do. For an evening drink, a brunch, a takeaway... It is often the case that not all the guests will know eachother, or there’s a little tension between a certain few. Meeting up before hand is the perfect time to get to know eachother, get comfortable around the new people and to make sure everyone is relaxed and ready to have fun!

6. Enjoy every moment!


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