The Grand Opening of the Presents

The Grand Opening of the Presents

L’ouverture des cadeaux

The opening of the presents is a key moment at any birthday party. And, we strongly advise that you wait until the very end of the party to open them (we have a lot of experience under our belt with this). The best thing to do is to wait until the time when you can just about see freedom: 10 minutes before the parents are due to pick up their little angels.

— We’re now going to open Paulo’s presents! I’d like Paulo to come and sit next to me so that you are sitting opposite everybody else. Let’s begin!

— Yayyy, a puzzle! Thank you Margaux!

— Paulo, are you going to give Margaux a little hug?

— Yessss…

It’s obviously a difficult task to keep children sitting down for any amount of time, they’ll want to see the presents, they’ll want to be the first ones to give their present. Keeping it calm at this stage in the day is quite difficult! 

If there are any little gifts for the guests, give them out when they’re standing in the hallway, just as they’re about to leave. You can also write their names on their party bag to avoid any dramas at the last hurdle. 

The party is finished and the big tidy up is just out of the question for now, you’re exhausted and you need to savour this exceptional moment of quietness. There are still garlands hanging up in the bedroom, we’re leaving the balloons lying around…  but the party was a sucess!


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