The Yes And No Game

The Yes And No Game

yes no game

The Yes And No Game is a classic, it’s a little like Simon Says. We’ll never get bored of it and children never get bored of it, it’s a classic!

— Let’s sit down in a circle. I will choose one of you who will stand in the middle of the circle. One at a time, we will ask this child lots of questions, about all sorts of things. But he or she must answer the questions without using the words YES or NO. Silence and gestures do not count! Are you ready?

— Yes!

— So Phoebe, come into the middle, you’re up first. Having fun?

Encourage the children to ask many questions to trick the child at the centre of the circle. Do not hesitate to help the children to alternate questions which call for normal answers and questions which call for YES or NO.


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