Native American Totem Pole

Native American Totem Pole

The open savannah, a camp fire, feather headdresses, and some ancient legends of our ancestors. Don’t look any further, you have found yourself well and truly amongst a Native American tribePocahontas rings a bell as she follows the riverbend, listens to the prevailing wind, and dances to the slow rhythm of the tom-tom drums. Make your own totem pole and invite all your friends to come and join your Native American tribe when you have your birthday!


  • The printable colourful totem pole which you can download here and here OR download it here and here to have them in black and white to personalise yourself!
  • A pair of scissors
  • A Stanley knife
  • A glue stick

1. Print and cut out the totem pole printable while following the template.
2. Cut out the little notches on the wings to be able to then put them in the body of the totem pole.
3. Use the Stanley knife to cut out the notches for the wings.

4. Fold over the part which you need to glue to make the job easier, then apply the glue to the white part.

5. Roll up the totem pole to stick the other side to the part where you have just put the glue.
6. Slot the wings into the notches.

There you have it; your Native American totem pole is finished ! You can now use it as a table centrepiece at a Native American themed birthday party or as a game decoration for your little figurines !


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