My Little Day is 10!

My Little Day is 10!

avant/après : My Little Day a 10 ans

We will start from the very beginning. The true beginning of our story. The story that we have told so many times but that we love to repeat. Two friends who, in order to pay for their studies take on a job: hosting birthday parties. The coolest job in the world when you ove children, when you’re 20 years old, when you want to dance, have a laugh, dress up as a pirate, and spend time with friends. In short; the coolest job in the world. This job lasted the whole time we were studying History of Art  (the coolest degree in the world): so 5 years of our lives.

What happened next is simple: our studies came to an end, we started serious jobs, and we stopped organizing birthday parties. That was until we found ourselves at the first birthdays of our children and our children’s friends! All these young mothers were in a panic at the idea of occupying 10 children for 3 hours. So, what would often happen was, we would take our children to these parties and instead of leaving them there, we would stay and help out!

avant/après, les 10 ans de My Little Day

After this happened for the umpteenth time, one thing became clear! We had to come to the rescue of mothers in distress! Our friends !! So we started to come up with little booklets of games (of which you can find all on this blog), we put together our first kits and launched this blog; all whilst waiting for our online boutique to be launched. A few weeks later, we paid our first deposits and organized our first photoshoot!

déco et fête d'anniversaire

The first photos we took were just perfect! We still love them to this day. Beyond being super super cute, they are memories for us, memories of our children, super young, super adorable. They have grown up with My Little Day, nowadays cuteness has given way to trendiness, they prefer to pose with a bob rather than a top hat. But the reality is that they will always be there, on call, ready for a photoshoot.

Their life stories are undeniably attached to that of this business, which would truly not exist without them, and whose growth they have both been witness to and contributed greatly to !

anniversaire enfant Raul 1 an

Throughout all these years of parties, competitions and stories, returning to numerous photos and you will see the same children appearing again and again: ours !!!

jeu anniversaire enfant


Bougie anniversaire

Kit anniversaire

Serre-tête it's my birthday

Canon à confettis multicolores


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