My Little Day ❤️ M/B

My Little Day ❤️ M/B


Muy/Bien, Mi/Bibi, My/Beauty, Moule/Bite, Muchos/Besos, Marseille/Batignolles

M/B are two ladies who have taught us to be assertive. We were shy, we wanted to be pretty without standing out, elegant yet discrete. Then Camille and Marine summoned us to tell us “Ma Basta! enough is enough! You need to do more, we cannot see you, go the extra mile, be big and be bold!”

Their talent and strength of conviction made us do a double take.

They had it all figured out. Trend-setters in graphic design, the Christina Cordula of typography, they helped us find our identity, from our front office to our business card. We came out of there renewed, reassured, and refreshed. Illustration in logos.

logo avant après

In 2015, they wrote this about us! It is the first time we are publishing it for you on our blog. A lovely nugget about who we are! We love this text!

Yesterday My Little Day was just Gabriella and Dorothée, two mums

overwhelmed, juggling their teething toddlers and organizing birthday parties. 

Today their children have grown up, but these mums have not aged and MLD now has 30 million friends, glossy articles; creative collaborations, a real own brand…Attention: French success story.

Tomorrow the children will be teenagers, the mums will feel like teenagers again and more than ever everyone will want to party. So Thelma and Louise will set off to conquer the USA and the English speaking market so that they become THE must see party site for everyone old, young, gift-box addicts, victims of the made-to-measure, tight asses, the 16th century bourgeois, transgender, drag-queens, Angelina Jolie, everyone will participate in this giant leap.


M/B identité visuelle


invitation anniversaire let's party

guirlande anniversaire happy birthday

8 gobelets happy birthday

8 assiettes happy birthday

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