My Favourite Songs

My Favourite Songs

My Favourite Songs game

When you’re a child (even those that are shy) you like to sing and recite little tunes. “My Favourite Songs” means a bit of calm, quiet time. It’s the sharing moment (at least in the first minutes) of the game…

— I would like everybody to sit cross-legged on the floor facing me. We’ll sing a few songs or tell a story. Who would like to start?

— Me, me!

— I will choose the best at puffing out his cheeks. Margot come next to me, you can bow and we will all clap for you. What are you going to sing?

— Jingle bells.

— I will help you.

— Jingle bells, jingle…

— Great! Would anyone else like to sing? And so on.

It’s a quiet and moving moment. Some don’t know how to bow, you will have to show them how. The children love to be applauded by their friends. Sometimes, they all want to sing the same song. Sometimes, some of them take offence because the other children sing along while others do not dare to sing.

When all the children want to take part in a game, you can tell them that you will choose the child who is best seated cross-legged, who raises his hand the highest, who sticks out his tongue the furthest, who makes the least possible noise… and let them all have a go by the end, unless there is too many!


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