Musical Statues

Musical Statues

The musical statues

The essential game for children that love music and dancing: so basically… all children! Musical statues work for any age, make the craziness last for at least 10 minutes!

– Do you like to dance?

– Yesss!

– Can you freeze like statues?

– Yesss!

– I will put some music on so that we can dance together. When I stop the music, I would like you to freeze like statues! Be careful, I will perhaps check if you are real statues by tickling you. First of all, dance like me. Let’s call for the music: “Music, music!”

– For the next statues, I would like you to pose as princesses, monsters, lions… Are you ready?

– Yessss!

– Now, let’s all dance like Phoebe Then like Margot… And as you like!

Do simple movements, like jumping, saying goodbye, turning yourself around, do an aeroplane, make circles with your arms, tap your legs, your shoulders, you head, go forward, go backwards… Turn off the music and examine the statues. 

If you have a child that doesn’t want to dance with the group, you can ask them to help you in the role of the tickler. Stubborn children often find it funny and it can help them relax a little bit! 


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