The Monster Party Bag

The Monster Party Bag

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Customise your very own monster party bag – super simple, fun and easy-to-do!

Djeco has come up with a game called Artisti’k. If you know it already you can skip on ahead, as we haven’t changed a thing! The game involves choosing a shape from a pre-made selection, and tracing round it.
Once the shapes have been drawn, one of the participants or an adult throws the dice, or draws a card:
“You must draw 6 ears, 5 arms, 3 noses, 1 foot…”

The idea is to use this game to make the children design their own monsters, with a little bit of guidance, as part of a party activity.

1. By clicking here, you can download the shapes that you will need to stick on some cardboard to make them solid enough so that they will not move while the children draw around them.

2. Get each child to choose a shape and draw it on their paper party bag.

3. When the children have finished drawing their shape, you can now say the first part of the face that they need to draw. To begin with: the mouth.

4. Throw the dice and read the result. If it’s a 6, they need to draw 6 mouths. Once the children have done so, you can move onto the noses, the eyes, the ears, the eyebrows, etc…

5. All that’s left to do now is to congratulate them:
– “That’s amazing! Your monsters are absolutely terrifying!”

surprise-pouch-halloween - 2


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