Monster Costumes

Monster Costumes

DIY for Halloween to make a monster costume

Halloween is fast approaching! We’re suggesting a workshop so that you can make a “monster costume”. The idea has been inspired by Coralie Stoll and it stems equally from Fredun Shapur who has some of his pieces sold on the site Editions Piqpoq. There’s no way you can pull off a Halloween party without a monster, come follow us !

how to

  • you’re going to need some bread bags (ask your bakery very nicely)
  • some glue
  • some scissors
  • the printable monster
Free tutorial for Halloween to make a scaring monster costume

1. Print out several copies of the printable.
2. Cut out the eyes and the moustaches.
3. Have fun sticking these on the bread bags !

Scaring monsters costumes with bread bags for an halloween party
Monsters costumes for an Halloween party or a birthday

There you have it, Bob’s your uncle ! For more ideas and information, go and have a look at the site By Little Ones !


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