Modelling Shortbread Dough

Modelling Shortbread Dough

Play-Doh 2.0 : Coloured shortbread dough ! Just like classic modelling dough, the possibilities are endless, but the bonus is that you can eat your creations !

The idea is to make Play-Doh from shortbread dough, so that you have your very own edible modelling clay !

It’s super simple, just…

1. Make the shortbread dough. You can follow the recipe here.
2. Divide the dough into at least 5 different parts.
3. Colour each dough ball with different food colourings. (Obviously, if you only have a few different colours, only make a few dough balls).

4. If you want to take it one step further, you can put your coloured dough into little Play-Doh pots.


1. The children wear aprons so as to not stain their clothes.
2. The children have a plate to create their shapes on.


1. If you have one, you could give them a Play-Doh machine so that they can make different shapes, as they would with Play-Doh. For example they can make chips, a burger, an ice-cream, etc…
2. You could ask them to make different simple shapes and then put them together to make a monster, a rabbit, a car, etc… This can be decided in relation to your theme (if you have one !).
3. When the shapes are ready they must be baked, whatever the method.
4. When the shapes have been baked, you can let the children eat them straight away or ask them to put them in a little paper bag or box so that they can bring them home with them.

PS : An example for a superhero or cowboy-themed birthday party. If you decide to make burgers with a Play-Doh machine, you could get the children to decorate a blank burger box with pens, stamps, collages, stickers, etc… At the end of the party, they can leave with their sugary burger in a little box ! It’s even better than a surprise party bag, and they’ve made it themselves !

PS 2 : A second example : If you make a monster, I tell you how to make a monster party bag in this article ! This can be used for whatever occasion by just adapting it to the theme !


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