Moana Sailing Boat

Moana Sailing Boat

Moana Sailing Boat DIY

Does your little girl dream of adventuring like Moana and braving the elements on board her boat? For her birthday party, prepare unforgettable decorations thanks to our DIY projects inspired by her favourite Disney character. To turn your table into a heavenly island, we’ve made this DIY food boat, to put in the centre of the table or to put on the plate of each guest.


  • Mini wooden dishes, which can be found here 
  • The printable to download here
  • Liquid glue
  • Baking paper
  • Some wooden kebab sticks

1. Download, print, and cut out the printable.

2. Glue the stick vertically onto the dish. Push the baking paper onto the stick and lay it down on the bottom of the dish so that the sweets aren’t in direct contact with the glue.

3. Stick the sail to the top of the stick and you’ve finished!

You can now fill each little dish with sweets, which you can find here!


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