Moana Party Bag

Moana Party Bag

Surprise party bags for a Moana themed birthday

Are you organising a Moana-themed birthday party and wondering how to wrap up some little gifts for your guests? We have just the idea you need! Make your own cute tropical party bags with paper flowers on top with this simple DIY.


1. To make a medium-sized bag, cut out a square of 30 x 30 cm from the wrapping paper. Fold the sides on top of each other and glue them together to make a tube.

2. Make the following folds to close the base of the bag.

3. Finish by sticking a piece of sellotape on top in order to strengthen the folds.

4. Put the mini gifts into each bag. You could fill them with shellsbouncy balls, temporary tattoos, stickershair clips, mini figurines… The exact gifts and how many you put in is up to you.

5. Close the bags with the help of a piece of sellotape and stick a flower on top (home or ready made).

6. Put them by the door in order to give them out more easily.

PRO ADVICE : The gifts for the little guests should be given out on the doorstep, when everyone is ready to leave. You could write the names of the children directly onto the bags avoiding any dramas.


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