Moana Birthday Party

Moana Birthday Party

tropical balloons arch

I’ll explain. I have an 8 year old daughter. Moana. She’s amazing. Curious, daring, determined. She loves strong women. Starting with me. Of course it’s nice that she relates to me but from time to time she needs a change. There was Ariana Grande, there will certainly be Michelle Obama and Princess Kate, but for now it’s Moana! Follow this step by step guide for throwing the most fantastic tropical Moana themed birthday!


T-25 – So for her 9th Birthday, we’re going to have a Moana-themed birthday party. First thing to do: watch Moana.

T-25 – Still – I’m thrilled. It’s not Miyazaki. It’s not Wes Anderson. But it’s good. And now, I really want to be in the heat of the tropics, to live in a sarong on the beach, to live off pineapple juice and coconuts. Up to the point where I’m hesitating between whether to book my holidays or organise a Moana birthday party.

T-25 – Later – Reason has taken over me. (She and I haven’t been brought up in the same way…). Let’s make the guest list. Ok, there will be 10. 8 girls and 2 boys. In terms of equality, there’s been a shift.

T-23 – We get on with making the invitations. We make hibiscus flowers from card. They’re gorgeous!

T-21 – Moana gives out all the invitations. (I think that she believes she IS Moana: she feels deeply responsible for all the tasks she’s given).

T-17 – It’s time to focus on the activities. The good news is that I’ve already prepared myself on the subject. And if you do everything that I have the intention of doing, you should almost have too much to do.

T-15 – It’s a good time to order the things I need online. On the one hand: tablewaredecorationsaccessories for the workshops, and little presents, and on the other hand: the sand and the sea! Of course!

T-10 – I have decided to dress up as Maui. I know that it’s crazy and frankly, I don’t have the physique. But I like him. He already believes he’s a star and an idol and he also says the phrase “I’m the handsomest, I’m the stongest” and that speaks to me.

T-7 – Preparation of the playlist

T- 6 – I’ve recieved my orders. I start to assemble my pompoms and paper flowers. In one week, I should easily be done with it. That goes without saying. I cancel all my plans. I eat, sleep and live Moana. I prepare the sails of my boat.

T-1 – It’s begun. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for (and simultaneously been dreading) for two weeks: setting up the decorations. For the occasion, I’ve set aside an entire day…

I have a big room which serves as a living room and a dining room. I start by seperating them by making a wall of flowers/pompoms/crepe paper/fringe curtains/circle garlands. It’s SUPERB ! Then, I hang on the back wall a giant poster of the sea (not a poster of the Channel, but the Carribean). On the corner of the poster I hang up a tropical balloon/foilage decoration. It’s ASTOUNDING! And finally (I know I’m a bit crazy but I’ll only be Maui once) I cover my carpet with a big plastic tarpaulin sheet and I cover it with sand (on top of which I put my dining room table)!!!! Can you imagine the children having a tea party with their feet in the sand?!!! I put a sarong on my dining room table.

T-1 – The end of the day – My decor looks crazy. I congratulate myself. I’m now going shopping. I buy some little wooden dishes, kebab sticks, sponge fingers, pineapples, one watermelon, melons, coconuts, mangos and some some banana tree leaves, and clementines. Globalisation’s great, you can find all types of fruit at any moment of the year…

T-1 – Spending the evening in my kitchen – I get on with making my cake. I make some green biscuit dough and a simple yoghurt cake. I bake it in a round, tall mould. I go to bed, watching Survivor in order to stay in the mood.

Download the forward planning


9:00AM – The sunlight tickles my face. I’ve forgotten to draw my curtains.

9:05AM – Moana is standing at the ready in her swimming costume. I ask her to customise the party bags before filling them. Then, I ask her to make a pile of sweets and a pile of surprises (a Hawaiian necklace, a tropical flower, a starfish, a bouncing ball…). Then she fills the bags up and closes them.

9:10AM – Whilst she looks after the party bags, I set the table. I put out the place mats, the banana leaves, the flowers, the shells, the cups and the plates. I make a pyramid of pebbles (that I collected from the beach 10 days ago) and I ask Moana to top it with a pretty shell.

9:30AM – I cut up the fruits, I fill the dishes topped with sails with shark sweets, tortoise sweets, shell-shaped sweets and blue Haribos (I’ve eaten all the others). I make crabs from some clementines and give them sugared eyes, and then make some blue sugar dough! I remove my cake from the mould. I cover it with blue sugar dough and put my sponge finger boat on top! I open up my coconuts and put straws into them. I put up a giant piece of paper for the wall painting.

10:30AM – Well, we’re not far from being ready ! All I need to do is prepare the workshops, the flower necklaces, the wrap skirts…

11:00AM – I’m going to give myself some (temporary) tattoos!

12:00PM – I get dressed (into a jumpsuit, I didn’t expect to cover myself all over with tattoos) and we go and sit outside the café (we are in France!): I read Elle, do my Horoscope in Parisien, and have some lunch. I’m ready. I’ve been predicted warmth and happiness. It seems like it’s going to be a good day.

13:00PM – We get back. We need to get dressed. Moana is Moana. It goes without saying. And I, well, I’m myself in Maui form, but I can’t lie, since I’m a woman I have a tahitian dress. And because I’m me, I stick a flower crown on my head!

15:00PM – The doorbell rings. I put on the music (tribal and angelic at the same time). They’re all here. I do a tour of the party area for the astonished parents. I’ve not worked this hard for nothing, it’s out of the question that one of them doesn’t see my work of art.

15:05PM – I sit the children in front of the ocean. They’re speechless. We all have a little pause for thought.

15:07PM – I tell them the story of Moana in my own way. I remind them that I’m Maui and that “We don’t speak badly to a demi god”. It wasn’t me that said it, it was Maui himself.

15:09PM – Am I losing you ? It doesn’t matter little poppets, we don’t have time to sit around, we have a heart to restore in 3 hours, not a minute more. I’m going to give you everything you need to make a flower crown. I’ll explain!

15:25PM – They’re lovely. Before you put them on I have some wrap skirts for you. I’ll let you change. Once you’re dressed, you can put on your crowns and necklaces. You’re magnificent.

15:35PM – I’d like you now to sit in single file and that you tattoo each other! I’ve put next to each of you a little bowl, a little napkin and some tattoos !

15:45PM – We’re going to learn some Tahitian choreography.

16:00PM – It’s perfect! I make a little video to immortalise this moment!

16:05PM – I’m going to give you some green sugar dough and I’m going to ask you to make The Heart of Te-Fiti!

16:20PM – These hearts are super. We’re going to bake them! And to bake them, we need to cross to the other side! I suggest we get there by dancing and then go and have our snack! A snack with your feet in the sand, that’s happiness!!

16:40PM – Keep your coconuts. We’re going to turn them into Kakamoras and of course, you can take them home with you!

17:00PM – I thought of putting you all in a giant aquarium but I didn’t succeed. Let’s play a game you played when you were little: The Little Fish!

17:10PM – And now a game of Earth/Water/Wind!

17:15PM – We’re going to make a big painting on the wall. But careful, I don’t want a simple picture, I want us to be able to imagine that we’re on a sailing boat. Here are the stamps, the stencils, the paintbrushes, the paint…

17:40PM – And now musical statues with a twist! When I turn off the music, transform yourself into an eagle, a shark, a chicken, a deer… just like Maui!

17:55PM – You’ve earned it, shall we open the presents?

18:00PM –  Put yourselves in single file and go and collect your hearts of Te-Fiti, your Kakamora coconuts and your party bags!

18:05PM – I offer the parents a coconut cocktail!

18:15PM –  All my friends arrive. I’ve invited them to a little Hawaiian-themed party. It would be a shame to waste all that sand!


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