Mini Pinatas

Mini Pinatas

mini pinatas en

piñata is THE must-have at a successful party. So, we’ve created some mini ones to make them the essential party piece for every party! Follow this simple tutorial to make the cutest décorations.


  • Cardboard packaging
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper (crepe paper like this, wrapping paper like this, glitter paper or tissue paper…)
  • The printable to download here

1. Print out the printables and cut out the templates. Certain sides need to be cut out several times, as indicated on the printables.

2. Tape the bands perpendicularly to face 1.

3. Place the sweets or little presents inside, before taping face 2 in the same way as face 1.

4. Cut out the bands of paper in any which way you’d like and make fringes all the way along the length.

5. Stick the fringes on the two sides, whilst gradually cutting away the excess material.
6. To finish it off, glue the paper band onto the edge of the piñata whilst using the template from the beginning.

And Bob’s your uncle! Your mini piñatas are ready!

These piñatas are easy to make, however you have to be meticulous and patient. You can allow 1h – 1h30 for each piñata! 

Put them out on the table, tape them to the wall, use them in a surprise party bag and give them out to the children at the end of the party, attach them to a mobile and have them above the bed of your youngest little one, put them up on some string to make a festive Christmas decoration… Just give me 10 more minutes and I’ll find many other ways to use them!  


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