Mermaid Wand

Mermaid Wand

DIY mermaid wand


  • The printable that can be downloaded here
  • A Posca White Paint Marker Pen
  • Straws that can be found here
  • Ribbon which can be found here
  • Sparkly coloured paper which can be found here
  • Masking tape found here
  • Scissors

1. Print the printable and cut out the star and the shell templates.

2. Trace the shell and the star onto your coloured paper. Using your Posca white marker, draw some dashes and spots onto the sparkly paper shapes.

3. Using some tape, stick your straws together to create a longer wand.

4. Wrap your coloured ribbon around the straws, attaching the strips with some tape at the top.

5. Don’t hesitate to put a piece of tape to hold your ribbon.

6. Fix your cut outs onto the top of the wand with masking tape.

7. Finally, add some shiney curled ribbon.


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