Mermaid Party Bag

Mermaid Party Bag

Here’s how to transform a simple party bag into one full of mermaid surprises that will stun everyone!


  • Confetti which can be found here
  • A paper bag which can be found here
  • Glue

1.  Place the confetti onto the bag like scales, in staggered rows and stick them down.

2. Continue until the whole bag is covered.

3. Fill each bag with little gifts, eg tattoos, figurines, sweeties…
4. Seal the top of the bag with some tape and write the name of each guest on a gift tag to mark out the bag.
5. Leave the bags by the doorway to give them out easily as the guests leave.

Giving the party bags out at the end of the party as each guests leaves, and having their names noted down on each bag will avoid any potential dramas!

You could replace the little gifts by sweets ! 


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