Mardi Gras Donut Cones

Mardi Gras Donut Cones

Easy and free diy to make a donut cone for Mardi Gras

It’s almost Mardi Gras ! And what would Mardi Gras be without lots of donuts, churros and other sweet treats ?! Here is a tutorial on how to make a cone for all of your homemade (or not !) tasty bakes !


  • The printout donut cone
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured card
Material to do the tutorial to make donuts cones

1. Download and print the printout. Cut out the cone template.

A sheet of colored cartoon to get a pretty cone for donuts

2. Glue the template to a sheet of coloured paper of your choice, and cut the shape out once again.

An easy tutorial to do for Mardi Gras

3. Roll up the cone and stick it together. The rounded part is the base of the cone.

A free do it yourself for Mardi Gras with a sheet of paper

4. Now all that’s left to do is to fill your cone with delicious treats !

A beautiful cone for Mardi Gras to fill with donuts for a birthday party
Colored cones to fill with donuts for a snack with children


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