A Marble Unicorn’s Horn

A Marble Unicorn’s Horn

Unicorn's Horn

powdery and dreamlike world brought to life with various pops of colour… a complete sense of unicorn fever! This legendary creature invites us into a magical, fairy-tale party. A celebration where multicoloured balloons float up high like a Rainbow to the ceiling and the guests dress up in unicorn masks… an enchanted party !


  • The horn which you can print here
  • A piece of white card
  • A bowl
  • Some nail varnish
  • A kebab skewer
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some string which you can find here
  • Some cellotape

1. Print out the horn on a piece of white paper.
2. Copy the template onto the piece of card and then cut it out.
3. Fill the bowl with 5 cm of water and then add several drops of nail varnish.

Important: The nail varnish smells quite strong, make sure you do this DIY activity in a room that you can air out easily or better still you could do it outside, on a terrace or a balcony! 

4. Mix around the different nail varnishes using the kebab skewer until you’ve got a pattern that you like.
5. Drop the piece of card which you’ve already cut out into a triangle onto the surface of the water. The nail varnish which is not mixing with the water, stays at the surface and will gradually build up on the piece of card.
6. Leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes.
7. Once it’s dry, roll up the triangle into a cone and then fix it in place with a little bit of tape.

8. Pierce two holes in the base of the horn, thread through a piece of string and then make a knot, or use some sellotape to hold the top of the horn together.


There you go, your unicorn horns are finished! Let yourself be transported off into this magical and enchanting world!


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