Make it rain in colour

Make it rain in colour

Say goodbye to rainy days with this DIY !


  • The printable which can be downloaded here
  • A cloud balloon found here
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue and cellotape
  • String
  • A Helium Cannister found here

1. If your printer allows to do so, print the raindrops template directly onto the coloured paper and cut out the shapes. Otherwise, colour them in once you have printed them off and cut them out.
Top Tip : you could equally print out the rain drops template onto classic white paper, cut out the shapes and trim the coloured paper around them.

2. Cut a piece of string and with the help of some cellotape, fix it to the raindrops. You’ll need around a dozen garlands measuring about 60 cm.
Top Tip : stick two rain drops of the same colour together, making sure that the string is stuck between them.

3. Inflate your cloud balloon with helium, then using some celllotape, attach the garlands underneath the balloon. Tadaaa !


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