Lucky Charms Wall Decoration

Lucky Charms Wall Decoration


  • printables, that can be downloaded here
  • card
  • glue spray or a glue stick
  • a box cutter

1. First of all, print out the charm printables. Attention, it’s A3 paper !

2. Stick the printables down onto the card with glue !

3. Cut out the shapes with a cutter if you’ve chosen thicker card, if you found some spare card around the house (like a cereal box) you can use scissors.

4. Taadaaa ! You have your lucky charms, all there’s left to do is to stick them on the wall !

5. And the cherry on the cake, create a shamrock with metallic green balloons and decorate the walls !

For the party animals, make the most of what you’ve made so that your guests could pose infront of the lucky shamrock… and take loads of photos !


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