The Missing Object

The Missing Object

The Missing Object is a classic ! You can play it during a party but also at the beach or during a rainy afternoon. Obviously, if your birthday is themed, feel free to use figurines of the chosen theme.

— Let’s sit down in a circle. I have got ten objects in this little bag. I’ll show them to you. I would like you to remember them. The detective will have to go out of the circle and wait in the next room. Meanwhile, we will remove and hide three of the ten objects. When he gets back, the detective will have to say what is missing. Edward, you are our first detective.

— Out you go detective ! Out you go detective !

— Let’s remove the policeman, the horse and the Peter Rabbit figurines, do you agree ?

— Yes !

— Don’t say a word, understood ? Let’s call the detective.

— Detective, detective, detective !

— Edward, come in the middle of the circle and remain standing. You will have to remember the objects that were in the bag before you left the room. We have removed three objects, try to name at least one of them…

You can trick the detective by removing an object and replacing it by an object that was not in the bag in the first place.


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