Stacking Hands

Stacking Hands

This game is perfect for starting a birthday party. It lets new arrivals integrate into the group easily and whilst laughing !

— Let’s form a small circle and sit down very close to each other. Do you know what happens if you pile your hands on top of each other ?

— No !

— A great mess ! For this game you will have to stack your hands one on top of the other, as quickly as possible. I will put my right hand on the floor. My neighbour on the right will put his right hand on mine, the next person will put their right hand on my neighbour’s hand… When all the right hands are stacked, I will put my left hand and so on. When all hands are stacked up, I will pull out my right hand at the bottom of the stack and put it at the top. My neighbour will do the same thing and so on. And all that as fast as you can, ! Are you ready ?

— Yes !

— Perfect, then here we go !

If some guests are late to arrive, they can easily join in, it’s a good game to start the party with. When the hand pile collapses, you just have to start the game again !

THE only difficulty will this game is keeping it calm and avoiding a big hurry…


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